Beach wrestling
Beach wrestling, anyone? Full gallery here.

Olympic links: 18 November, 2014

Beach wrestling
Beach wrestling, anyone? Full gallery here.

Hastily compiled today.

Apologies if anything is overlooked.

Authors denoted in brackets. OW – Ollie Williams


In Oregon, Eugene’s organisers say they remain ‘confident’ of being awarded the 2019 World Athletics when the decision is revealed today. Qatar is widely considered the favourite; Barcelona is also in the running. (OW)

A profile of GB distance runner Gemma Steel. (OW)

Here are the US track and field athletes of the year. (OW)


Here’s the latest from the women’s World Championships. A good day for Russia. (OW)


GB track cyclist Dani King is out of hospital after sustaining broken ribs and a collapsed lung in a crash 11 days ago. (OW)


Here’s the shortlist for the FEI’s best athlete of the year award – GB vaulter Joanne Eccles is on the list. Other award shortlists will be made public as the week goes on. (OW)


Short track

Britain’s short track skaters won men’s relay bronze at the second World Cup of the season, in Montreal. Charlotte Gilmartin was a career-best fourth over 500m. (OW)


Bode Miller is out until January – he had  back surgery yesterday. (OW)

Via Brian Salmon, how Austria’s “ski champion factory” produces champions. (OW)


Olympic bronze medallist Lotte Friis has withdrawn from next month’s World Short-Course Championships. (OW)

An interesting look at the potentially controversial scheduling of the open-water races at Rio 2016. (OW)

Tokyo 2020

The IOC is in town to inspect venues. It may not all be going to plan. Japanese reports: “There appears to be turmoil surrounding the ongoing review of planned sites and facilities for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.” (OW)


Not only did Jennifer Kessy lose the 2012 Olympic beach volleyball final to her US compatriots – she even lost her playing partner. April Ross subsequently left Kessy to form a partnership with gold medallist Kerri Walsh Jennings. Now, Kessy has formed a new team with Emily Day. (OW)

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Water polo

The new men’s water polo World League season begins today. (OW)

Other news

Lord Coe previews today’s two announcements: the host city for the 2019 World Athletics, and the IOC’s Agenda 2020 recommendations: (OW)

The challenge the IOC laid down for itself covered three fundamental areas of its proposition. How can we be sustainable so more cities in more countries around the world are able to host the Olympic Games? How can we remain credible – the athletes, the organisation, the events? And third, how do we give greater access to Olympic sport to people 365 days a year?

There are some thoughtful recommendations around hosting the Games, starting from the initial bidding phase that I think will create partnerships and set expectations at an earlier stage. There are recommendations around protecting and supporting clean athletes so the next generation will want to compete at the highest level, and there are some exciting ideas around creating a digital platform so fans can engage with athletes and Olympic sport every day of every year.

I know the decisions on these recommendations have not yet been made but these are significant changes and sit alongside a raft of governance, process and structural changes within the IOC.

Some will think the IOC has gone too far, created too many recommendations and addressed too many things, taken a scattergun approach. Others will think it has not gone far enough, that the recommendations will take too long to implement. I do not think it matters. What matters most is that the IOC has chosen to take its destiny in its own hands rather than wait for others to impose a route map.