An announcement

Hello, everyone.

After much thought, and agonising, I’ve decided to place Frontier Sports on hold.

That was quite a painful sentence to write. I’ve enjoyed posting daily round-ups of Olympic sports news here since I started in January 2013.

However, as you can probably imagine, this is also a time-consuming thing to do – and I’m beginning to run out of the time in which to do it.

Recently, I’ve been offered some exciting work opportunities and also taken on more responsibility with the territorial soccer association here in northern Canada.

If you’ve been around long enough to remember my old blog, as a volunteer football coach, you’ll know that working in football here excites me and is something in which I want to invest a bit more time (and try to make some sort of difference, if I can).

I realise this may seem a little ironic, given the professional aversion to football this blog displays, but the impact the sport has on some small communities of the Northwest Territories can’t be overstated. I’ve seen it change lives and I want to help make that happen more often.

(I started this blog midway through that volunteering sabbatical, as a way to keep myself briefed on Olympic sports when I wasn’t in the gym, coaching.)

I’m also finding it harder to carve out time for my own journalism. This is frustrating as there are some great Olympic and Paralympic sports stories that I want to tell – but sometimes, there are so many fantastic stories by other people to round up here that I don’t get the time to do my own research.

Ultimately, something has to give and this, sadly, is probably it, much as I love doing this and have always appreciated – in fact, been thrilled by – everyone who takes the time to read and contribute.

I’d like to offer heartfelt thanks to all those who made donations to help the blog along. Any current donors via Patreon should find the past month of their subscription has been refunded. If that’s not the case, please get in touch and I’ll put it right.

I’d also like to express a huge debt of gratitude to Laura Lambert and Florence Morton – who’ve been diligent and dedicated in helping to put this blog together – and to friends, contributors and Olympics enthusiasts like Hilary Evans, Nick Zaccardi, Brian Salmon and the many others who kept me informed.

You’ll note I used the phrase “on hold” above. I know myself well enough to realise I might, sooner or later, have a vast change of heart and come scurrying back. I’ll certainly still be following all Olympic and Paralympic sports as closely as ever – and maybe now I’ll try to tweet a little more in lieu of updates here.

Once again, thanks for reading and for all the support over the past couple of years.

All the best,