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What our readers say

In December 2014, we conducted our second annual reader survey. Here is a small selection of feedback we received:

I really appreciate the wide range of sports covered as well as the focus on related issues such as doping.

This is where I look for sports news first, before going to a sport website.

It’s always stuff I wouldn’t find in mainstream media.

Would definitely recommend the blog to others, but with the caveat that they will then spend the first 20 minutes each day reading it rather than starting work.

An important service which is not replicated elsewhere, even on the multiple and heavily over-lapping sports business websites.

This fills a major void.

The blog is fantastic, as a journalist and a fan.

I would be lost without it now, I really would.

I love it. No-one else offers such an insight into such a variety of lesser covered sports.

I think this is the – not one of the – best sport blog I have ever seen in my life.


Here’s some feedback from our first end-of-year survey, in December 2013:

“I really enjoy it. It’s great to feel I’m keeping up with lots of sports, I have learnt far more than I would have without it.”

“I enjoy the mix of serious sports stories and less serious stuff, and I like reading about sports that mainstream news sources wouldn’t necessarily cover.”

“The best blog I have ever come across, with all the Olympic sports news covered in one place. It gives just the right amount of information. People often say how do I know all this information, and it’s from reading the blog!”

“I enjoy the style of it. Not overly formal, but very informative.”

“It really is a little present of happiness every day.”

“It’s excellent. The best blog/news site for minority sports.”

“The key is your clear encyclopaedic knowledge of the issues in all the sports, which lets you very quickly pass on the essential information without dumbing it all down.”

“A refreshing alternative to the diet of football.”

“Great blog – gets me through my morning commutes.”