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Our readers are informed and enthusiastic consumers of Olympic sports or else they wouldn’t be here. Which means they know it’s worth listening to you, a fellow reader, when you have something to say.

That’s why previous guest posts by athletes, coaches, journalists, volunteers, officials and dedicated sports fans have garnered thousands of readers – some, tens of thousands – in the space of 24 hours.

We don’t need staff writers or regular columnists and we don’t pay for articles (this isn’t the place to come looking for work!). But if you have a specific statement to make, tale to tell or discussion to start and it stems from the world of Olympic sports, we’d feel privileged if you did it here.

You’ll hit one of the most influential readerships in the field, from national correspondents to performance directors to Olympic medallists past, present and future. We don’t run ads and we don’t publish anything as a favour. Your article will, we hope, be in company of a high order.

Please get in touch and we’ll take it from there.

Tell us who you are – you certainly don’t have to have ‘credentials’ but if you do have a relevant background, let us know – and explain your idea for an article as best you can. Whether it’s specific to one discipline or event, takes in a whole sport or encompasses the full spectrum of the Olympic movement, we’re interested to hear more.

How long should an article be? Every topic is different so we can talk to you about it, but in general we aim to give people a chunky read for their morning commute, lunch break or day off. You can use 1,200 to 1,500 words as a reference point but that’s by no means set in stone.

Example guest posts

I’m an elite athlete. Why did nobody offer me drugs? – Andrew Steele, GB 400m runner and Beijing Olympian

Three steps to get rid of doping in sport – Stuart McMillan, US-based elite athletics coach

Whatever happened to Britain’s rhythmic gymnasts? – Dr Rachel Vaughan, gymnastics enthusiast with PhD in Olympics and international politics

The 2012 ticket-hunters whose help reduced athletes to tears – @volshy, Olympic ticket-hunter extraordinaire

A note to readers worldwide

You’ll have noticed posts here often have a British flavour, but we like to appeal to (and certainly reach) a global audience. If you want to write about sports and issues specific to your country, we’re definitely interested. This guest post on Indian women’s boxing is an example.